Up-sell Campaigns

Ways that leading e-commerce stores use Strands to upsell and gain the most from their high margin opportunities

cross-sell and upsell

“Have you Considered?”

Use our Upsell functionality to move customers to similar but higher priced items.

“The best accessories…”

Our advanced catalog mapping and attribute algorithms find the product accessories your customers need and that drive your margins up.

“Give yourself Peace of Mind – Don’t Forget a warranty”

Simply create merchandising blocks that promote product and service warranties for the specific items your shoppers are considering.
cross-sell and upsell

Triggered email campaigns

Strands will make a major impact on your email open rates, CTR, and conversions when we alert your shoppers to new arrivals, sales, and special offers based on specific actions they have been taking on your website. We will turbo charge your email marketing communications

Personalized Promo Banners

Make the right offers to the right customers at the right time with personalized offer banners.

Completely Personalized Pages

With Strands, you can easily turn your Homepage and Category pages into 100% personalized content, and be just like Amazon See how we did it for Wireless Emporium