A/B Testing

Test. Learn. Implement. Repeat.

This is the secret to A/B testing success.

Online personalization is not a “set it and forget it” endeavor, but rather an evolving process of learning and adjusting. Ongoing and consistent testing in each marketing channel is critical to maximizing performance and response rates.

We’ve designed our A/B testing platforms with the busy online marketer in mind: it’s simple to use, no technical expertise is needed, and it is not time consuming. We do as much of the work as you want us to.

The Strands A/B testing platforms deliver results and the best experiences for your online customers across desktop, mobile and web!

Strands can help you improve your ecommerce site and increase conversions by

Helping you understand which A/B test recommendations work best

Determining the exact omnichannel strategies to integrate

Analyze which A/B tests showed the best results

Customer Segmentation

Advanced Merchandising

Product Recommendations

Email Solutions