Personalization Software Proven to Increase Sales 10-50% and Conversion Rates up to 8x

Our product recommendation engine, email solutions, and other personalization services easily integrate or plug right in with your ecommerce platform — no matter which one you work with — to increase your sales up to 50% and conversions up to 8x.

With Strands personalization software and recommendation engine, you’ll increase shopping cart sizes and sales conversion from the very first day.

Personalization is about creating a 1:1 relationship with your customer, understanding who they are, and then leveraging that knowledge to create the greatest possible value for you both.

With Strands Retail, you’ll achieve both your short-term goals of instant increases in sales conversion and AOV, as well as your long-term goals of building better relationships over a lifetime.

Connect & Acquire

Offer spot-on product recommendations and dramatically increase sales. Learn more about the Strands product recommendation engine.

Re-Engage & Retain

Send segmented, targeted personalized emails based on real data. Learn more about our email solutions.

Test & Learn

Never “set it and forget it.” Delve deeper into your customers’ preferences and gain stronger insights through A/B testing.

Divide & Conquer

Connect the dots between customer behaviors and product life cycles to better understand and connect with your customer groups with Strands Advanced Customer Segmentation.

Understand & Analyze

The Strands customer dashboard report is a work of art. Find out how we dissected long-term, detailed and customizable reports down to the module level.