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Landmark Shops Personalization Case Study

Landmark Shops integrates Strands Retail E-commerce Personalization Solutions and sees 35% increase in orders

The Challenge

Landmark Group, the multi-billion-dollar brick and mortar powerhouse retailer of apparel, footwear, consumer electronics, cosmetics & beauty products, home improvement and baby products, and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, made the strategic plunge into online retail in 2012. With multiple website properties each serving customers globally, Landmark Shops, its subsidiary, needed a personalization and product recommendations partner who could scale with it at the same pace as it was launching new global web properties and all of the challenges that that brought with it: varying languages, currencies, and platforms, and across multiple web properties and retail domains in a short timeframe.

The Solution

After an exhaustive search and RFP process, Landmark Group finally chose Strands Retail as its personalization and product recommendations solutions partner. With physical locations and customer support offices at the ready in Europe (Barcelona), Asia (Singapore), and both North and South America (San Francisco and Buenos Aires), Strands was prepared to meet Landmark Shops’ stringent demands of building a meaningful product recommendations solution for all of worldwide properties at scale.

Among all of its challenges – including driving revenue further for its large retail properties, providing customer-facing web and email solutions in multiple languages and currencies – one of the biggest was ensuring that the Strands digital service was lightening-fast, 100% reliable, and able to achieve 99.95% uptime. With digital cloud data services located all of the globe, Strands has easily achieved Landmark Group’s personalization goals – it has experienced zero service disruptions and <150ms in latency since inception of the program in 2014.

In addition to world-class service, the results that Strands Retail has delivered have exceeded even the highest of expectations of the client: a full 16% increase in total web and mobile sales. In addition to that, there was 35% boost in overall orders and the Strands Retail product recommendation display units have resulted in 300% higher conversion than the Landmark Group’s own conversion rates.