There are a lot of Personalization Services on the Market. But you won’t find a top-tier software service like Strands Retail at a better price or with better customer support.

We consistently deliver high conversion rates, increased cart sizes, and customer retention success on par with the highest price competitors, with greater ROI.

Feature Strands Retail The others
Configuration and Customizability Options 100+ Ways to Use Strands – customer profiles and behavior, product relationships, sales trends Basic configuration based on click
Control Panel and Customizability Control is in your hands: Use a simple wizard to instantly improve your merchandising results No control
Cost Most Affordable Solution in its Class Up to 3x more Expensive
Ease of Integration Integration takes a few days Integration takes Weeks
Customer Segmentation Mutliple Segmentation capabilities; Deeper view of your customer, including complete behavioral and purchase history, to derive the most meaningful results Basic segmentation, derived from simple business rules
Customer Support Dedicated account management teams, with years of experience, located globally. We know you personally and work harder for you. Small and medium size retailers are neglected
Reporting Long-term, detailed and customizable reporting down to the module level Long term data not available
API Complete API capabilities Usually old or unavailable
Customer Views Directly captured implicit and explicit data that builds a view Data from multiple sources and platforms

Increase Online Sales
by 10% to 50%

Strands has a 10-year track record of driving significant sales lift for hundreds of retailers worldwide. Let us prove it to you.

Up to 8x increase
in conversion

When shoppers click on Strands recommendations, they convert far more often. In fact, 72% higher on average across all of our customers.

25% decrease
in bounce rate

Strands gives your shoppers better product choices and you more opportunities to close the sale.

Key features and differentiators


Strands customer dashboard report

Strands regularly delivers sales impact as high as anyone in our industry

  • 10-50% increases in sales
  • Improve retention by 20%
  • Grow AOV up to 25%

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