ProSpin Tennis Case Study

Strands Turbo Charges one of Brazil’s Fastest Growing Retailers

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, ProSpin Tennis is one of Brazil’s largest online sporting goods retailers ( , with more than 1 million monthly users per month. They are an online-only store and have been in business since 2009.

The Challenge: Find a Solution that Would Increase Sales, Be Easy to Use, and That Could Work for a Website in Portuguese

As a part of the fast-growing Brazilian economy, in 2013 ProSpin was experiencing user growth like never before. However, as it was seeing growth in its monthly visits, it was not seeing improved performance in its other vital metrics: return visits, pageviews per user, total conversions and top-line sales revenue. It seemed as though the only way they could continue to grow sales was by growing users. They wanted to find a way to make their site grow exponentially, rather than linearly. And, they needed a solution that would help them achieve their goals quickly, in their website’s primary language: Portuguese.

The Solution: ProSpin finds Strands Retail — a Silicon Valley company that performs in any language.

After exhaustive research, ProSpin found Strands – a company that could meet all of its needs. As the global leader in personalization for retail, Strands Retail, located in San Francisco, Ca. , had established a reputation not only for technical flexibility, but for serving customers worldwide with ease and top-level customer service. Touted as a company whose personalization services are the world’s best at raising customer retention, product click-throughs, conversion rates, and total sales, Strands Retail entered into a partnership with ProSpin – its very first customer in Brazil. After starting Strands’ free trial program, Prospin instantly learned how easy it was to get the Portuguese product catalog integrated into the Strands system. And just 1 short week after beginning its free trial, the Strands solution was fully implemented.

The Strand Retail team, learning and processing the challenges that ProSpin faced, recommended the business logics that it felt would make the biggest and most immediate impact on its customer retention, pageviews, cart sizes, and sales.

At launch, ProSpin used the following business logics and rules to make new offers to its customers:

  • Most purchased tennis rackets over the past month
  • Most purchased tennis shoes over the past month
  • Personalized offers based on each user’s past visit and purchase history
  • People who bought those items also bought these items

In essence, they turned their homepage into a completely personalized shopping experience, just like does.

The results: Game-Changing Customer Retention and Sales Increases

  • 16.8% increase in page views
  • 24.3% increase in sales revenue
  • 35.4% lift in product orders
  • 21.1% increase in cart size