French Retailer Case Study

One of the World’s Largest Retailers Calls on Strands Retail to Help it Maintain its Reputation as the Global Leader in Customer Service

A French company with thousands of employees and physical retail stores in over 45 countries. In 2008, it has made a big charge into the online retail space, chose Strands Retail as its trusted partner, and has never looked back.

The Challenge: Get the Technology and Support it Needed to Quickly Meet Rising Online Demand

This retailer had focused on its brick and mortar business for decades, and now saw the need to adapt to the epochal changes it saw before it, which meant it had to develop its online presence quickly, intelligently, and with a focus on the bottom line. It needed a multi-channel strategy that would maintain its reputation for excellence in customer service and be language-agnostic so that, when the time came, its web strategy could be rolled out to all of its global properties.

The Solution: Call on the Global Leader – Strands Retail – to Develop its Overall Strategy

The retailer, aware that Strands has customers all over the world — on 6 continents and in over 20 countries — chose Strands Retail to help it develop a personalization strategy that would eventually be the model used for all of its international websites, and in all languages. It also knew that Strands would go way above and beyond standard vendor practices, and that it would get incredible value for its predictable, low, flat monthly fee.

Starting on its website in Spain, the retailer leaned heavily on Strands’ global support team to create a strategy for both website and email, which included personalization features like:

  • Product recommendations based on past visit history
  • Product recommendations based on what other customers have bought
  • Email campaigns for cart abandonment
  • Triggered, segmented email campaigns

The Result: Since Inception of the Program, Strands Retail Has Made Game-Changing Impact on this World Wide Retail Leader.

  • 23% increase in sales conversion
  • 13.4% increase in total sales revenue
  • 11.8% increase in product and page views
  • 14.4% increase in cart sizes
  • 27.3% increase in email open rates