Canada´s Motorcycle Case Study

Sales Growth
Sales Growth

Canada´s Motorcycle integrates Strands Retail Personalization Solutions and sees 30% jump in conversions

Canada’s Motorcycle opened in 2008 as an online store selling motorcycle gear and accessories in Canada. Their goal is to serve Canadian motorcycle riders with the most extensive selection of helmets, jackets, boots, tires, motocross gear, and more.

The Challenge

In its third year of business, the Canada’s Motorcycle product catalog had grown to more than 50,000 products. The company quickly realized that its past method of manually sorting and recommending products to online shoppers was no longer feasible in the long term. The company needed an affordable automated solution for product recommendations going forward.

The Solution

After searching online for a product recommendations platform, Canada’s Motorcycle discovered Strands Retail. Strands offered high-level technical innovation without the enterprise-level pricing. And with no long-term contracts, there was very low risk risk to get started. Canada’s Motorcycle saw that Strands’ product recommendation software would be simple to integrate into their own online catalog without time-consuming customization requirements or hidden fees.

The Results

Canada’s Motorcycle found the Strands platform to be easy to use and easy to implement, with immediate return on investment. The Strands Retail product recommendation engine began to present relevant products to online consumers right away. Adding more and more product information to the software tools made the recommendations feedback more relevant, and sales grew.

“Strands claims to improve conversion rates and increase average order sizes by recommending the most relevant catalog items to complement your products,” says Marc Sawaf, President of Canada’s Motorcycle. “Once we hired Strands, we saw those things happen for us right away.”

“What’s more, Strands’ solutions freed up employees to focus on customer service and inventory growth. “Manually defining product recommendations was becoming impossible,” Sawaf says. “Strands’ product recommendations solution saved us a full-time employee’s salary.”

“In addition, Strands Retail’s superior customer service made it easy for Canada’s Motorcycle to make updates and get support when they needed it. Going forward, Canada’s Motorcycle plans to continue using Strands Retail for product recommendations, and potentially even begin to implement product recommendations over email. Overall, Sawaf is pleased to have found their current solution. “Strands’ product recommendations solutions work, and it pays for itself”