Ashley Stewart Case Study

Ashley Stewart switches to Strands Retail and sees an 11.4% increase in personalization performance and a 54% decrease in cost

Ashley Stewart is one of the largest Apparel retailers in the US, specializing in plus size women’s fashion. Founded in 1991, it has over 150 physical store locations across 24 U.S. states and a large and growing online store presence.

The Challenge: Struggling with High Cost solutions that produced little results

For several years, Ashley Stewart used the personalization services of a large American personalization solutions provider, but kept incurring rising costs with no improvement in conversion or top-line sales results. Month after month, cost was escalating, but performance was not. Ashley Stewart neede d a personalization solution that would drive excellent, measurable results at a lower and more predictable monthly cost.

Solution: Integrate Personalization into all relevant pages of the website and email communications

Exhausted b paying increasing costs every month for the same results, Ashley Stewart looked for a new provider that would help them control expenses yet drive the results that they expected. Having heard a lot of positive “word-of-mouth” experiences from other retailers, Ashley Stewart turned to Strands Retail. They heard that Strands was the preferred personalization provider of hundreds of companies, due to its reputation for delivering exceptional personalization functionality, great customer service, and a low, very predictable fee structure.

What Ashley Stewart needed was the ability to integrate personalization throughout its website to drive the biggest impact immediately, and to include personalization in email communications – all without fearing that increasing placements on site or email would dramatically raise costs.

Ashley Stewart chose Strands Retail because of its predictive pricing model: no matter the number of pages on its site for which it wanted to include personalization features, and no matter how many recommendations widgets it chose to include in email, Strands pricing was fixed and would not change. This gave Ashley Stewart the assurance and confidence it needed to be able to utilize its personalization tools to their fullest capacity and to really help its business grow.

Results: 42.5X ROI

  • Complete integration of the Strands Retail solution took less than 1 business week
  • Within 7 days, sales increased 13.2% — a 10% increase over the last personalization provider that Ashley Stewart had used
  • Compared to the costs of its previous personalization provider, costs went down 50%
  • Strands Retail delivered a 42.5X ROI to Ashley Stewart – for every $1 it invested in the Strands service, it received $42.50 in new sales.