There is a reason the average Strands customer has been with us for nearly 4 years. When you join Strands Retail, you don’t just get a hard-working product recommendation engine. It comes with an entire team of marketing-minded customer support experts dedicated to driving your business forward. Not only will we work with you at the start for a smooth and fast implementation process, but we’ll be your partner, every step of the way, to continue to deliver the results you expect.

Strands will provide you with everything you need to start successfully and to continually improve your results, including:

  • Implementation guidance and support upon commencement of your program

  • Detailed weekly performance reports

  • Complete reporting showing how every part of the Strands system is impacting your store’s sales

  • Quarterly Account Status Sessions

  • Customization Work whenever you need it

  • UX Consulting

  • Trends Analysis

  • A/B Testing Suggestions & Automated Implementation

  • Best Practices Training