About Strands

Strands is a global provider of personalization and recommendation solutions that empower financial institutions and online retailers to offer superior customer experience within their digital channels

Company Facts



Funding Raised

$55M institutional investment

Core business

Big Data, machine learning and personalization software solutions


Offices in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Miami, Singapore and San Francisco


Serving more than 300 corporate clients around the world

Worldwide users

Finance 70 million online banking users Retail 900 million product recommendations per month

Business units

Finance Powering FinTech innovation for digital banking Retail Personalized recommendations boosting e-commerce business

Featured Products

Finance PFM, BFM, CLO, Product Recommender, Strands Discovery RetailProduct Recommendation, Email Personalization, Segmentation

Core Values


Everything we do starts with PEOPLE! We are people-focused both externally, by being focused on our clients’ needs, and internally, by creating a collaborative work environment.


We don ́t like to complicate things. Our people value simplicity and this is reflected in how we work and what we produce: simple, intuitive solutions.


We value beautiful, simple and functional design. We strongly believe that great design is crucial in everything that we do.


We make innovative solutions. Thanks to our talented and experienced team we foster continuous innovation to always stay one step ahead of our client needs.

Key Milestones


Strands Finance Suite is launched
Strands presents new corporate brand identity
Strands publishes a patent on “Systems and methods regarding a purchase decision tool for determining a financial impact of a proposed purchase” Lean more


Barclays becomes the largest PFM deployment in Europe with more than 9 million customers Lean more


Apple acquires Strands patent portfolio in Music Recommendation algorithms Lean more
Strands publishes a research article, “The Big Promise of Recommender Systems” in AI Magazine, leading publication in the field of artificial intelligence
Strands is named the winner of Red Herring Top 100 Global Award


MoneyStrands (B2C product of Strands) is a winner at the 14th Annual Webby Awards Lean more
ING launches the first PFM in The Netherlands powered by Strands Lean more
Strands and Telefónica R&D co-chair and organize the 4th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems Lean more


BBVA, one of the most innovative banks in the world, implements the revolutionary solution of Strands to deliver the first PFM in Europe Lean more
Skymall signs up and starts benefitting from Strands-powered recommendations, a successful partnership that continues to this day Lean more
Finance business unit is created to deliver innovation to financial institutions
Retail business unit is created under the brand name Strands Recommender to serve recommendations to e-commerce websites through a SaaS platform
Series B investment of $49M


Strands organizes a Summer School on Recommender Systems, which leads to the creation of the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems Lean more
Series A investment of $6M

2004 is launched, revolutionizing the music industry by offering music recommendations based on playing behavior Lean more
Strands is founded in Corvallis (Oregon, US) and Barcelona (Spain) to commercialize personalization and recommendation technologies


The first office of Strands is based in the building of the Advanced Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Francisco Martin and Dr. Marc Torrens put together a group of scientists from Oregon State University (US), the Advanced Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence (Spain), and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland) to research on personalization and recommendation technologies