100 + ways to use Strands

Did you know that there over 100 configurations of how to use Strands e-commerce personalization software/services to improve conversion rates and customer retention across the entire customer journey?

With multiple algorithms crafted for specific retail channels, Strands offers every kind of personalized product recommendation you will ever need, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

From the basic Product Recommendations

types to more advanced merchandising, here are a few of the 100+ ways customers use Strands.

  • Our Best Sellers this Week

  • Our Best Sellers this Month by Category

  • Recommendations Just for You

  • Recommendations by Category

  • Customers who bought that also bought this…

  • You might also be interested in this…

  • Based on your recent purchases, may we suggest these…

  • What other customers are looking at right now…

  • Other brands you might like in this category

  • The highest rated TV’s that meet your needs

  • The cables you need for your HDTV

  • Surround sound that goes with your new HDTV

and much more…